Thanksgiving in Vancouver

Today was Canadian Thanksgiving, and the first time I ever tried turducken. Despite the fact that my stomach officially wants to leave my body—I’m pretty sure the turkey and duck have formed an unholy alliance in there and are currently overthrowing the chicken in a violent coup d’état—I can wholeheartedly say it was delicious. While the animals battled it out for digestive supremacy, I decided to document one of the things I’m most thankful for: the place where I live. This Thanksgiving is one of the nicest in recent history—unseasonably warm and sunny—and days like these really bring out the best of Vancouver; it seems like the summer just refuses to leave!

Having lived in this city for most of my life, there are times I’m still awe-stuck by its beauty, but after moving closer to the beach just over a year ago, I’ve rarely gone a day without realizing how lucky I am. Of course, the sea and the mountains are a (literally) huge part of what make this place so beautiful, but even the little, everyday sights can be just as beautiful:

Boat garden

Remnant of a summertime berry patch

Guarding the beach

One man’s junk …

Late bloomers

Yacht clubhouse

Berries by the beach

The city


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