Dreaming of Winter … in the Summer

It’s true what they say: we want what we can’t have. What I spend most of the year wanting is summer. Here in Vancouver, the weather is pretty mild, but most of the year it’s cool, and it rains. A lot. When summer finally comes, it’s late (usually hits around July) and it’s short (sticks for a couple of months) but Vancouverites enjoy it like nothing else. If there’s one think people in this city never take for granted, it’s hot days and sunshine.

However, I will be the first to admit that, a few weeks into the summer, I always start longing for autumn and, eventually, winter to creep back; it’s not that I don’t relish the warm weather, but I realize that some of us are more “winter people” than “summer people.” And I’m definitely one of the former.

What’s there to like about the colder months? Plenty:

Boots, boots and more boots. Did I mention I love boots? I love boots. As far as I’m concerned, they’re the sexiest form of footwear (my boyfriend wholeheartedly agrees). Summer’s all about busting out cute heels and comfy flip flops, but the second the temperature dips low enough to throw on a pair of jeans, the boots are out in full force. I’ve been known to stock up on several pairs in a single shopping trip.

Hot drinks. There’s nothing quite as comforting as curling up with a cup of hot tea. When I discovered chili hot chocolate last year, I was in heaven. When I discovered how easy it is to make medieval-style hot spiced wine, I was ecstatic. There’s something masochistic about hot drinks on a sweltering summer day, but when it’s cold out, nothing’s as satisfying to warm you up from the inside.

Board games. When going out requires a parka and a tarp-sized umbrella, I instantly opt for the ultimate stay-indoors activity: board games. It’s one of the few times my fiercely competitive side comes out … even more so after a glass of wine.

Comfort food. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a good salad, but I would much rather go for the carbs, meats and butter. In the summer, it’s much easier to eat light and healthy—and much more necessary, considering you’ve still got to look semi-decent in a bikini, but in the winter, rich, starchy comfort food is one of my greatest vices. One dish I would never, ever turn down? Mashed potatoes. Yes please.

Dark, moody music. My listening preferences vary greatly depending on my mood, and my mood is heavily dependent on the weather. In the summer, I’m all about upbeat, cheery tunes. But in the winter, I can finally get back to my favourite grungy bands, like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

Bundling up. Who doesn’t love to be cozy? Whether in a fierce coat, an oversized sweater or a fleecy blanket, there’s something super comforting about being bundled in layers of warmth.

Are you also cold weather person? What are your favourite things about fall and winter?

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5 thoughts on “Dreaming of Winter … in the Summer

  1. I cannot wait for fall. I love the summer, believe me. Especially the summer nights where you can walk out of the house with no cares in shorts and a tee, but I love boots, I love the boyfriend jeans with the plaid button up and a scarf. I love the chic, cozy look FOR SURE…..and not to mention, who doesn’t like a nice trench?

  2. I am def a summer person! I guess growing up in Sweden where the winter lasts for like 9 months has something to with that. Winter always get me depressed if I have to deal with it for more than a month. Sometimes being a little bit depressed isn’t such a bad thing, I get inspired and think way too much, listen to sad music that seems to speak to me and all that stuff. But after a while it’s more like I can’t get out of bed and I start crying for no other reason than that I feel like it and I have to. It’s all very dramatic in a not so dramatic way if that makes sense. But in the same very extreme but undramatic way summer makes me happy. The heat and the sun warms up my soul and I can feel how I’m smiling on the inside. So I wish I could say winter has its perks but not really me. Summer all year and I’m the happiest person ever! :)

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